Unpacking The New Rumor That Mariah Carey Gives Her Boyfriend An Allowance To Buy Her Presents

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It’s a sad fact that most stories don’t actually have to be true to make their way around, they just have to sound true enough to our ears. Take, for example the recent revelation that Mariah Carey pays her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka $25,000 a month so that he can buy her gifts.

It certainly jibes with our idea of Carey as a diva’s diva. And it might not be too far off from what some of us might do if we had Carey’s level of wealth to toss around. Unfortunately, the tidbit first reported in Life & Style magazine probably isn’t true.

The magazine reported that Carey was used to lavish gifts from her billionaire ex James Packer and that an inside source said she ‘wants the same treatment from Bryan and doesn’t care that he’s using her money to do it.’

The rumor mill emergency shut-off switch over at Gossip Cop was quick to pump the brakes on this story, however. They reached out to Carey’s representatives who said that it’s true that Tanaka’s on Carey’s payroll — he’s a backup dancer — the idea that she’s been giving him money for presents is completely false.

Gossip Cop further warned against using Life & Style as a source for Mariah news by pointing out several other falsehoods about the singer that the mag had printed, including a story that the couple were engaged and that Tanaka bought Carey a life-sized doll of herself. Although, doesn’t that kind of sound like something she would want? Anyway, all of this is still better than reliving the New Year’s Eve disaster, right?