Mariah Carey Profanely Tells You What To Do On Her Smoldering New Song ‘GTFO’

In 2014, Mariah Carey released Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, her fourteenth album. Since then, she’s dropped a handful of singles, but now she’s ready to return with a full-fledged album. Details about it are still scant, but she did share a new single today, “GTFO.” The song, produced by Nineteen85, is a slower pop number, in which Carey breathily states her demand: “How ’bout you get the f*ck out?”

“I wanted to give my fans and everyone a first listen that wasn’t so serious,” Carey says of the track. “I’ve had so much fun making this album, and I wanted the first moment to reflect that light-hearted spirit.”

Carey recently spoke more about the upcoming record, and she said that there is a variety of moods on the album:

“I’ve been working on my new album for a while. This is a labor of love and I’m really excited. This is me at this moment in my life being able to express myself as a writer and a singer. I’m just really in a good place. […] My fans just want to hear me express myself and speak from the heart and sing from the heart. Some of the record is lighthearted and fun, and some [songs] I really went deep in terms of the lyrical content. There’s a nice cross-section of things.”

There’s no other official information about the album just yet, except that it’s slated to come out “later this year,” and that another new song, “With You,” will be released in “early October.” In the meantime, listen to “GTFO” above.

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