Mariah Carey Is Already Going To Great Lengths To Avoid Another Disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance

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All eyes will likely be on Mariah Carey as midnight nears on New Year’s Eve this year. The diva will once again take the stage on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy and aims to avoid the disaster that struck her one year before. The ensure this, it would seem that the production and Carey’s team are taking every precaution they can.

While Seacrest and McCarthy are adamant that Carey deserves a second chance, telling Variety that the theme of the night is “unity” and the diva returning fits in perfectly. They hint that they think Carey isn’t going to fall into the sins of 2017 according to the Chicago Tribune:

“Well I haven’t seen her yet this year, but I’ve seen the schedule and there is a rehearsal scheduled, and I’m sure she’ll be there,” host Ryan Seacrest said in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday.

“I have a feeling … she’s (not) going to miss this rehearsal,” co-host Jenny McCarthy added.

Also, the broadcast is planning to have Carey perform on the main stage at the show and then move over to the ball drop before midnight. According to TMZ, the timing is important and requires a little extra help to make sure it happens:

The plan is for Mariah to somehow get from the stage to the area where the ball drops so she can countdown the New Year with Ryan Seacrest. Problem is … the ball is a good distance from the stage and getting Mariah from point A to point B is dicey. We’re told their solution is to put Mariah in a chair and literally roll her from the stage to the ball.

TMZ adds that this is how Carey would make her way around during her Las Vegas show, meaning she has some experience being shoved around like a prop in between songs. This also means we sadly won’t get a televised moment where Mariah Carey takes off at full speed from the stage to the ball drop, with some sort of game show element tossed in. If she doesn’t make it, we have to do 2017 all over again.

(Via Chicago Tribune / Variety / TMZ)