Relive Mariah Carey’s ‘TRL’ Ice Cream Meltdown On The Latest ‘Scheer-RL’

When Paul Scheer revealed he would be recreating TRL‘s weirdest and wildest moments with Scheer-RL, we were hoping this day would come. Quite possibly, the most memorable moment in the show’s history came by way of Her, the Elusive Chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey. Of course, who else could play the part of the timeless and sexy singer but comedian Kumail Nanjiani?

The Silicon Valley star does his best Mimi impersonation while stripping and slowly coming apart at the seams. If anything, Kumail may not have gone far enough; the original clip may be even stranger than the remake. In real life, after her surprise appearance on the show, Mariah would check herself into the hospital for “extreme exhaustion” a week later, which was honestly for the best. At least, we can look back at the clip and enjoy it as one of those strange and organic TV moments you can’t make up. Also, Kumail in gold hotpants is always a welcomed sight.

Here’s the original clip. Does Scheer-RL do it justice?

(Via Buh)