Watch London Folk-Rocker Marika Hackman’s Surreal ‘Time’s Been Reckless’ Video

London folk-rock singer Marika Hackman’s second album I’m Not Your Man represented a huge leap for her. Following up 2015’s debut full-length We Slept At Last and a series of initial EPs, Hackman’s 2017 album came out on the storied American indie Sub Pop in the states, and accordingly picked her up a heap of new fans. Her record explores themes of female queer sexuality in sometimes abrupt but always fascinating context.

The album came out back in early June, preceded by videos like the grungey, gender-swapped “Boyfriend” and the weird, sweet “My Lover Cindy,” whose video depicted a couple fencing their way into quite a situation.

Today, however, Hackman has poked her head back up, and reminded everyone not to sleep on her mid-summer American folk breakout. She’s released the absurd, somewhat creepy video for “Time’s Been Reckless,” which features worms crawling across delicious looking bacon, a sliced up cucumber, and Hackman floating in space, while an enormous snail grows larger and larger behind her.

As for the song, it’s a wistful, gorgeous little track that encapsulates Hackman’s ability to take simple melodies and elevate them into fully-formed musical ideas that stick in your head long after you shut the track off. Watch the video above and stream the rest of her album below.