Lykke Li Lusts After Mark Ronson In Their Dreamy ‘Late Night Feelings’ Video

Mark Ronson and Lykke Li shared their new collaborative song, “Late Night Feelings,” earlier this month. It’s a dreamy, disco-inspired track with a thrumming bass line and moody lyrics. Li’s moody, contemplative vocals are a perfect match for Ronson’s lush, vintage-inspired production. “Late Night Feelings” is the title track from Ronson’s upcoming album, which promises more “sad bangers” and collabs with King Princess, Camila Cabello, and more.

If the audio for “Late Night Feelings” shows that Mark Ronson is a great producer, the video for “Late Night Feelings” shows that he’s also a charming, handsome guy. In the video, directed by JP Chartrand, Lykke Li plays a lust-struck fan with framed photos of Ronson’s face all over her ’70s-chic decorated apartment. Li wanders around, laying dramatically on her shag carpet, caressing the photos of Ronson, and generally fantasizing about what it’d be like to be onstage with him. The video ends by putting Li on the TV alongside Ronson, both of them performing “Late Night Feelings.” The video is a perfect accompaniment to the song, picking up on its themes of longing and slow burning desire. Also, Li gets to wear a great ginger wig and even better feather robe.

Watch the video for “Late Night Feelings” above.