Mary J. Blige Will Be The Hologram You Always Dreamed Of At Her Next Show

Getty Image

Mary J. Blige has only a few accomplishments left to snag in her sterling career. The nine-time Grammy winning singer will add “becoming a hologram” to her list of exceptional feats at this year’s Budweiser Made in America Festival at New York’s Governor’s Island. Her performance at the free mega-concert promises to surpass even her incredible standard:

Not only will the R&B icon sing from the Statue of Liberty, she’ll simultaneously be projected as a 40-foot hologram across the harbor at Governor’s Island. (via)

And if that isn’t enough to bring out the MJB die-hards, the festival will also feature lots of free beer for attendees over 21. Now, go ahead and imagine your drunken admiration of a titanic Mary J. Blige singing from the glittering skyline.

(Via The Fader)