Mase Says His Conflict With Cam’ron Could ‘End Bad’ If It Continues

We thought the dust settled on the Cam’ron – Mase conflict after Cam’s tell-all interview on the Breakfast Club last week, but we should have known better. These two are from Harlem – which means one of them really wants the last word. In typical Mase fashion, he popped up on Angie Martinez’ radio show for a surprise 90-minute interview to talk about how he felt he had to defend himself against Cam’ron’s barrage of disses for the past 15 years, which culminated in Cam saying that he once wanted to “kill” Mase on the intro to his The Program mixtape.

Mase has said that the line went too far, and he felt he had to “spank” Cam with his “The Oracle” diss. Elsewhere in the interview, Mase pulled off a master class in spinning, declining to give an explanation for his line accusing Cam’ron of having sex with his sister, and giving an explanation for how he balances street-oriented hip-hop with his pastoral duties.

“You can’t put your view on me, you gotta find out what’s my view to find out if I’m staying true to my view,” he said of popular criticism that the gruff rhymes in his diss – and with G-Unit in 2007 – are hypocritical coming from a pastor. Mase also mentioned that the conflict with Cam could “end bad” not only because of people in their entourages, but because he has more “info” about Cam’ron that he didn’t reveal in “The Oracle” and intimated he’d reveal it if pressed.

Who knows if Cam plans to keep going with his shots at Mase, but the church setting of Dipset’s upcoming “Once Upon A Time” music video is mighty coincidental. There are tons of videos in churches, but shooting one in the midst of a war of words with a part-time rapper/pastor is a hilarious coincidence. The full video is set to be released Friday, and we’re sure Mase and his team will be looking out for any petty references to him.

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