A Couple Of EDM DJs Decided To Troll A Live Audience With Some Soft Rock

Imagine it. You’re at the latest and greatest DJ’s show at your favorite local venue. Maybe it’s a small club, or perhaps it’s a bigger arena. The EDM is dropping it like it’s hot and the bass is soon to fall, so you and everyone around you all get ready. It’s almost there, just at the tip of the fall, and then…

The DJ trolls the hell out of you all and plays “True” by Spandau Ballet, or some such soft rock crap. That’s precisely what Mashd N Kutcher did at a recent show, and they recorded the gag and uploaded it to their YouTube channel for all the world to see and enjoy (via schadenfreude, of course).

Just in case you need a refresher, here’s the original tune’s music video in all its sh*tty, wonderful glory:

(Via Mashd N Kutcher)