Yup, There’s A Massage Parlor Using Taylor Swift’s Image For Its Advertising

A peculiar piece of advertising from the United Arab Emirates appears destined to have Taylor Swift‘s legal squad partying like its 1989.

Take a look at this card for a massage parlor. Does the “New Lady” look familiar to you? We’ll give you a moment to fill in the “Blank Space.” (It’s Taylor Swift. The headline of this post and the paragraph above would be WILDLY misleading if it wasn’t.)

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Reddit user Rinaldi363 came across this curious rectangle in Dubai which seems to be playing a bit fast and loose with The Mighty Taylor’s likeness. Considering the pop colossus’ philosophy on photography and general super-successful rich celeb thing, we have our doubts that you’ll have the singer prepping your jacuzzi if you swing by Magic Touch. Set your sights a little lower next time, Magic Touch. If you plunked Willa Ford on there we could envision a world where that might happen.

On the subject of more credible arms of the Swift Empire, the stadium-stuffing recording artist has just dropped her The 1989 World Tour Live concert film. If you’re a Swiftie, this doc will likely double as a deep-tissue massage for your emotions.

(Via Reddit)