Mastodon Calls Out Dave Grohl For Making ‘Rock N Roll Safer’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
05.12.14 28 Comments

It’s hard to disagree with the fellas in Mastodon, but it’s even harder to slam the guy who drinks Jäger while performing “Monkey Wrench” on top of a bar. Last week, Mastodon vocalist Brent Hinds took to Instagram to share his feelings on Dave Grohl. Either that, or he’s dicking around with us.

This is about that Deadmau5 collaboration, isn’t it? Anyway, considering his history with Grohl, this is likely just Hinds having a laugh (I’m not much of a Foo Fighters fan, and even I wouldn’t accuse Grohl of making rock safer). Unless it’s NOT, and they actually hate each other and the only way to solve their feud is with an old fashioned ROCK OFF.

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