Watch Maverick Sabre’s Sultry Video For ‘Slow Down’ Featuring Jorja Smith

Soulful English-Irish artist Maverick Sabre is a singer, songwriter and a rapper all in one. His deep-seated blues and hip-hop influences are unmissable, seeping into his music in gleaming, inventive ways. None of that is lost on his brassy new track and video for “Slow Down,” featuring fellow British star Jorja Smith. The song comes off of Sabre’s forthcoming album set for release in March. It is both sultry and springy, brought to new heights by Smith’s added vocals, which are effortlessly poised. You can listen to it above.

The accompanying warm-toned mini movie is directed by Rashid Babiker (who has also directed Smith’s videos for “Teenage Fantasy” and “On Your Own”). It loosely follows the track’s lyrical themes, which encompass the nuances of relationship dynamics – loyalty, inconsistency, trust, and the never-ending inability to stop pushing each others’ buttons. The camera follows Sabre singing the first couple of verses while driving through the night, and the beat-dropping chorus lines up with him coming to a screeching stop as Smith enters the scene. Midway through, the song and the colors fade out as the video captures a dramatic black-and-white silhouetted sequence, ultimately ending on a cliffhanger, which leaves the viewer asking the question that the song seems to be hinting at all along – how long do we wait around for the ones we love?

Watch the video for “Slow Down” above.