Maynard James Keenan Booted 60 Phone-Wielding Fans From An A Perfect Circle Concert

Consider this a warning to any would-be, amateur videographers hoping to capture a clip of A Perfect Circle on their current tour: Keep your phones in your pocket if you want to make it to the end of the show. Around 60 people would’ve been wise to heed the notices alerting them as such during the band’s recent stop in Reading, Pennsylvania this weekend. If they had, maybe singer Maynard James wouldn’t have had them booted from the facility during the concert.

In a comment on the Instagram post below, Keenan explained in very simple terms the reason behind the ejections. “No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years,” he wrote. “Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride.”

No matter how much artists hate it when they look out and see a sea of cell phone screens pointed at them when they perform live, it’s become a reality that fans are going to want to keep a piece of the show with them after they leave. Some artists are more extreme about enforcing that policy than others — Bob Dylan has been known to kick folks out for trying to record his shows as well — but it’s safe to say that Maynard and company are holding people accountable to an intense degree.

Complain all you want, just keep that phone out of sight.