Watch This Man Make An Amazing Dubstep Beat Out Of McDonald’s

Inside a McDonald’s, you can typically find some interesting or downright weird things occurring as people from all walks of life eat. In this video, the events that occur are no exception. Parker Kane, who should now be known as either Grillex or AviCheese, uses a large cup and straw to create a dubstep beat that would even have some of the most popular EDM artists jealous. In the 30-second video, which some Twitter users are calling McWubStep, this unassuming man in a blue striped shirt shows off his talent of beatboxing by blowing into the straw while simultaneously moving it in and out of the cup to create different pitches that are typically only created electronically.

Given the companies recent struggles and attempts to try new things, it would be surprising to see McDonald’s not attempt to use Parker and his skills to help promote the brand as this video continues to go viral.

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