‘Me And Fred Durst’ Is The Best Tumblr Dedicated To Photos Of Random People Posing With Fred Durst

I know, I know, it’s been hard on you since hearing that Limp Bizkit was done forever, right?. Look, it’s be hard on all of us. It you can take anything comforting from this awful time, it’s knowing that we’ve all suffered together, and in the end we will come out stronger, for at least we were all fortunate enough to be alive in the precise moment in time when Fred Durst and the gang were having their moment, so we got to experience it. Think of those poor a$sholes who were born in the 1800s. They never got to experience Limp Bizkit, and then they probably died from gonorrhea, so that was just a terrible time to be alive, obviously.

With that said, some humans who are alive on earth presently are more lucky than others, lucky in that they have actually gotten to meet the Durstbag himself — AND be photographed with him. There’s a Tumblr out there that documents such religious experiences: “Me and Fred Durst.” And just think — while you may not be on it now, there’s always a chance you still might meet Fred Durst and be photographed with him, and that’s something some dead schmuck who was killed in the Civil War just can’t say. Don’t stop doing it all for the nookie, you guys. Get that cookie!