Watch Dolly Parton And Country Music’s Best Read Mean Tweets After The CMAs On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Following the Beyonce edition of the Country Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel decided to unleash another installment of Mean Tweets with some of Country’s biggest stars taking the brunt of the internet’s nastiness. Trace Adkins kicks things off, which surprises me because I didn’t know people would dare attack THE Luke McBain. The rest I do believe because Country is definitely one of those divided bits of music.

Little Big Town, Florida Georgia Line, and the others possibly aren’t as traditional as some other country stars, but they’re popular as can be. Luckily Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton are around to even things out — with Chris Stapleton and his pubes too, based on that Dwight Yoakam duet at the awards show.

These work a lot better when you know half of the people involved, so I don’t feel the affect as much as I would like. The gal in Little Big Town does have some Zoolander hair going on, though. It’s mean but factual. Much like that Chris Stapleton tweet, which is probably the best one of the entire bit next to the Dolly Parton one. I’m a little surprised that Dolly Parton would face any kind of criticism from folks online, but I forget that the internet is meant to everybody.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)