Meek Mill’s Boxing Videos Make His Safety A Concern

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12.21.15 13 Comments

Let’s be clear: The possibility of Meek Mill going to jail is no laughing matter. It sucks. But Meek Mill boxing? Oh I’m laughing my ass off at that.

There’s not much backstory here, just a guy getting his Adonis Creed on and failing miserably at it. I don’t know if Meek is getting ready to catch a few fades in the bing or what, but it’s a good thing he has a few months left before he actually gets sentenced because he needs some work.

It’s not quite Young Thug in the backyard bad, but it’s not much better. Maybe he’s tired, I don’t know. But for an alleged “body builder” who works out so much and takes so many supplements that his pee is diluted to the point that it looks like water, dude looks winded in the ring.

Now, I know there’s a lot of talk online about maybe seeing Game and Stitches fight, but I’m cool off that. Stitches has a glass jaw and Game has better things to worry about. But Meek? Dude has to make money somehow, maybe he can set something up in Philly with Thugger. Or better yet, how about Meek vs. Webbie for charity. We’ve all seen what he can, or rather, can’t do in the ring , and it seems like an even match.

All I know is these guys are lucky Gucci Mane is still locked up because he’d put the paws on all these dudes.

(Via DJ Akademiks)

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