Meek Mill’s Instagram May Have Gotten Him Arrested For Riding Dirt Bikes Recklessly In New York

Meek Mill’s love of dirt bikes is nothing new. They’ve been featured in his music videos and him riding them dangerously has been a staple of his social media accounts since his rise to fame began, but now they may have him in big trouble. Video surfaced late Thursday night of Meek being arrested in New York, and when he asked what the charges were an officer off screen can be heard saying “you were riding around on a motorcycle yesterday” before informing Meek he saw the incident on social media.

For Meek, a felon who was cited for violating his probation just a few months ago in February, the arrest could prove especially problematic. The police arrested Meek on 10th Ave. and Dyckman in New York City for reckless endangerment, according to the NYPD DCPI and XXL. After he’s arrested the people with Meek can be heard calling around about the arrest to get the situation sorted out.

While Meek received just house arrest for his lat probation violation, his previous violation back in 2014 resulted in five months in jail. What happens this time is anybody’s guess, but with the NYPD and the so-called Hip Hop Police’s notorious reputation for making examples out of rappers, it might not work out so well for Meek this time.

Check out video of Meek’s arrest below.