Meek Mill Knows Nicki Minaj Is The Woman Of Every Man’s Dreams

Now it all makes sense. Meek Mill seemed hesitant to respond to Drake last summer but jumped in with the fury of a Spartan from 300 when The Game popped off at the mouth. The general idea was that he’d have a much easier time with Drake — he didn’t — than he would with Game, combined with the fact a thing between he and Game had a bigger potential of getting real ugly real quick. Noisey’s short documentary on the Philly rapper reveals the answer and it was probably obvious from the start: Nicki Minaj.

After talking about his past and what got him to this point in his life, Meek starts to gush over his longtime girlfriend. He admires her hustle, her strength, her aggression, and the fact that she comes from the same environment he comes from.

“I always seen it like this. I always seen me having one of the top, hustling, prettiest girls in the game,” Meek says with hearts in his eyes. “I wake up in my bed and just look at Nicki like, ‘Man, this sh*t gotta be a dream’ because we used to dream all this sh*t and it’s going on right now.”

The “we” he’s referring to are his friends. He used to tell them way back when how he admired Minaj and even had raps written saying she’s the type of woman he wanted on his side. It’s a message to dream chasers everywhere that if you can see it, you can achieve it. Well, not the dream of being with Minaj since she’s spoken for, but other, lesser dreams.

For Meek, Game crossed a line. Nicki’s name should’ve never come the way it did, much less even as a mention. Meek is clearly enamored with her and their relationship may be the one thing in life he cherishes the most. The second Game invoked her name with sexual innuendo, he violated Meek’s home and safe space.

The clip also illustrates why Meek has no problem whatsoever being on his “girl’s tour.” He’s happy her level of fame and success eclipses his. Not many guys would have the cojones to be in a situation where their partner’s stacks exceed their own by a few inches or feet, but he’s clearly comfortable in his skin. This is a guy who’s been in and out of jail and has always been moments away from snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. He understands how blessed he is to be in his position and to him, she’s just another blessing to count.