Meek Mill Thinks He Would Get Killed If He Returned To His Old Hood In Philadelphia

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Since being released from prison in 2018, Meek Mill has gone the extra mile to reform both his life and the justice system. He’s made many strides in his reform efforts. In April, his criminal justice reform bill was introduced to the legislature in Pennsylvania. Meek’s come a long way since growing up in Philadelphia, but he hasn’t forgotten his old hood. Meek started an #AskMeek thread on Twitter, where the “Going Bad” rapper answered a series of fan questions. In one answer, Meek revealed he thinks his old hood wouldn’t give him a warm welcome upon his return.

A fan asked Meek if he would be “paranoid” to visit his old hood, or if his fame would earn him respect in the area. Meek responded that fame wouldn’t help him. “I stay on my toes I know they will kill me in the hood ….. it’s no morals involved with these streets …. most importantly I stay away from them,” he responded.

“Trying not to overdose off fame!” Meek said in another tweet.

The rapper also answered some not-so-serious questions on his thread. One fan asked Meek to smoke a joint with him. Meek jokingly responded, “If I ever get off probation it’s possible.”

Meek is still on probation, but his prison reform bill aims to change the way people are on probation. The rapper was thrown in jail and sentenced for 2-4 years for violating his probation on a decade-old gun charge. The proposed bill will prevent those who break probation for non-violent and technical reasons from going to jail.

“I’ve lost too much time away from my son, my family, my friends and fans in Philly because of outdated probation laws,” Meek said. “So I want to make sure people don’t have to go through what I did.”