Meek Mill Revealed He Used To Take 10 Percocets A Day And Doesn’t Know Why He Dissed Drake

Juice WRLD‘s untimely death at just 21 has sparked an important conversation about addiction in the music community. In a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Meek Mill opened up about his own drug use and how it negatively affected his life. On top of explaining the advice he tries giving to young musicians, the rapper also revealed that his prescription drug use is what fueled his infamous beef with Drake — and he has no idea why he started it.

Charlamagne sat down with Meek in the Bahamas and asked him about the prevalence of opioid use in rap. Meek said he warns young rappers against it. “Yeah, I be telling them. I’m damn near a preacher,” he said. “I have to be telling the young guys, ‘Yo brother, that sh*t will kill you.’ I’m telling them, ‘It happened to me. If that sh*t could f*ck me up bro, and you claim you look up to me, it’ll do the same thing to you.'”

Meek said rappers shouldn’t get the blame for the prevalence of drug use in music, but the immense pressure of social media could be a problem. He also said the prescription pill companies are also to blame. “Why can you buy this sh*t when it’s killing us?”

Charlamagne asked Meek if he had any scares when he was taking drugs, and he then admitted he used to take a shocking amount of Percocets a day. “I’ve never disclosed this before,” he said in the interview. “I’ve taken 10 30’s Percocets a day. You’re walking with death. Real sh*t.” Meek said prescription pill use is an issue because some of kids’ favorite rappers struggle with addiction privately. “I had to cater to myself,” he said. After realizing he was a “junkie,” he said he had to “make a decision” with himself. “I ain’t never seen a millionaire bossed up pill-popper in my life.”

Meek then turned to speak about his longstanding beef with Drake. “When I made decisions, I know why I did that. If you ask me why I came at Drake I don’t even f*ckin’ really really really know,” he said laughing. “Like, everybody be saying Nicki and sh*t, that wasn’t the case,” he said. Meek also said his drug use fueled a lot of his bad decisions. “I’m making very bad decisions here and not knowing that I’m making these bad decisions. And when I wasn’t high I look back and went on YouTube and I check my file I’m like, ‘I don’t do sh*t like that.’”

Watch Meek’s full interview with Charlamagne Tha God above.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.