Meek Mill Blamed Racial Profiling For The Search Of His Private Jet In Miami

Following his release from prison, Meek Mill has steered clear of any run-ins with the law and dedicated the new chapter in his career to advocating for social justice and those who have been wrongfully imprisoned. Unfortunately, despite his constant attempts to stay clear of the law, Meek doesn’t feel that energy is being reciprocated.

Flying on his Puma-sponsored private jet, Meek Mill and his crew made a stop in Miami to refuel and pick up food. But the stop turned out to be much longer than a quick one when security decided to conduct a search of the jet and all of the passengers’ luggage — a decision Meek was not too happy about.

“How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” Meek said as he recorded security from his seat on the plane. “I be telling them the least y’all could do is give us an explanation for being searched. Y’all already know we black – we be getting searched too much. All this sh*t, all our bags and sh*t got laid out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas. Now they making us take all our bags out.”

Fortunately, the security discovered nothing of ill-nature on the plane, a finding that Meek and crew expected.

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