Meek Mill’s Private Plane Was Searched For The Second Time In A Week

Meek Mill was recently the subject of a police search as he enjoyed his newfound freedom to travel, prompting the Philadelphia rapper to accuse authorities of racial profiling. During a trip to Miami, Meek’s private plane was held on the ground while a search was conducted, apparently looking for drugs or signs of other illicit activity. “How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” Meek asked at the time.

Well, it appears that the authorities are happy to provide an answer: A lot. Just days after the prior search, it appears that yet another search was conducted, leading to Meek again posting to Instagram and wondering at the stereotypical discrimination against him. “Somebody calling them,” he posits in the caption of the new video. “Gotta be looking for drugs on us. That’s a insult.” He also comments aloud, “He acting like we got a load of drugs. He done called the people on us again.”

The searches are likely an especially sore subject for the rapper — and hip-hop fans in general — after Chicago artist Juice WRLD died in the midst of a search of his own private plane. During a search in November, Juice reportedly swallowed several pills in an effort to hide them from authorities and suffered a fatal overdose. In that case, it turned out that the pilot reported guns and drugs on the plane — as he was legally required to — but as awareness and social media use have increased in the hip-hop community, these. sort of searches have come under greater scrutiny, just as rappers themselves have often been subjected to.

Watch Meek Mill’s videos capturing his plane being searched above.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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