Meek Mill Breaks Down Why ‘A Rapper’s Job Is Dangerous’

Over the past couple years, Nipsey Hussle and XXXTentacion (both of whom are among the top-earning dead celebrities of 2019) were fatally shot. In light of those situations and his own experiences, Meek Mill attests that being a rapper is a dangerous job, and now he has explained why.

Mill was a panelist during the recent Players Coalition Town Hall event, and during the discussion, he spoke about how he knows he can be in danger while in Philadelphia because he’s a famous rapper from the city, saying:

“If I was in Miami, and it was time to go to the club tonight, me: I would go to the club. A rapper’s job is dangerous. We lose our lives, we get shot at. I would go to the club. Now, you tell me you want to go to the club [in Philadelphia]. You know 9/10 [why] I wouldn’t go? When you come outside, ain’t no police outside. So what we gotta turn to? Our friends that got gun license. You got to survive, just to stay alive. So if it ain’t safe. Me: I got money, I got resources, I got a back-end, so I don’t have to resort to criminology, but I know, I come from that life. I’m not that far away.”

Watch the Player’s Coalition Town Hall here.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.