Meek Mill Reportedly Assaulted An Airport Employee In St. Louis

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While Azealia Banks got one step closer to putting her assault charges to rest today, seems like Meek Mill got himself into some new ones. According to TMZ the rapper was charged with misdemeanor assault for assaulting airport security while in St. Louis. The police were also called during the incident to deal with the commotion.

As the story goes, the employee, who was an overzealous fan attempted to take a selfie with Mill. Somehow during the process, a scuffle occurred, security was called, ands Meek has reportedly been summoned to appear in court. Though he was let go shortly after, as evidenced by video TMZ shared in their report, he will allegedly be charged with assault. However, TMZ is the only source, and no legal action has been taken so far outside of the incident and he hasn’t been charged with anything.

In 2009, Mill was put on parole following a drug and gun case. When he violated that parole, in February 2016 his sentence was extended an additional six years. Meek is out of jail again, but still on probation for his past crime, so if an assault charge does come out of this, it could potentially put the rapper back in legal hot water. After his last parole violation, which carried a potential threat of two more years in the state penitentiary from the judge, Mill was eventually sentenced to serve 90 days of house arrest.

However this shakes out, Meek doesn’t seem to be sweating it…