Meek Mill Looks Forward To His ‘First Day Out’ On His Remix Of Tee Grizzley’s Breakout Single

Tee Grizzley‘s breakout single from October 2016 gets new life from Meek Mill‘s appearance on its newly aspirational remix. While Grizz’s original “First Day Out” celebrated his release from state custody, with Meek Mill inside, it becomes something to look forward to for both the incarcerated Philadelphia rapper and his devoted fans.

While many rappers would be happy to slap the pre-recorded guest verse onto the existing song and let it fly, Tee Grizzley puts in a little more effort, heading back to the lab to write and deliver a brand new verse of his own. Grizz references his newfound stardom while acknowledging that the LeBron James co-signs won’t last forever if he’s not willing to make the most of the opportunity. Meanwhile, the track description on Youtube simply reads “Free Meek,” a sentiment that anyone who wants to hear more of the hungry battle rapper’s high-energy raps.

The “First Day Out” remix is actually the pair’s second collaboration. They previously linked up to trade spitfire verses on the menacing “Beef” last Spring. The chemistry between the two is as undeniable as their shared street credentials, giving fans just one more reason to look forward to Meek’s release. Just imagine how many fiery collaborations between them we’ve missed out already.