Megan Thee Stallion Wants To Turn Her ‘Hot Girl’ Movement Into Hip-Hop Candy Stripers

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the biggest breakout stars in hip-hop at the moment, but she’s already looking to the future and her post-rap career. While some rappers look to transition into acting, fashion design, or other business endeavors, Meg has a plot to put her degree in health administration to work instead. In fact, that appears to be the endgame for her whole “hot girl” movement, as she tells NY Times Magazine‘s Jenna Wortham in a new interview.

“This year, I’m working to show people what being a hot girl really is like,” she says. “Do you know what a candy striper is? Eventually, I want to open an assisted-living facility in Houston, but before that, I want to get girls together to go to different homes or hospitals. Those people don’t have anybody, and I think it’d be really cute to have a Hot Girl come visit you and volunteer.” Megan herself demonstrated what that might look like when she visited a recovering French Montana in the hospital last year.

For those who don’t know, candy stripers are hospital volunteers who work without regular pay. The name is derived from the aprons that female volunteers traditionally wore, which are striped like candy canes. While the term and uniform eventually fell out of use, hospital volunteering is still considered important in the US, both for individual patients and the general health care system. Usually, hospital volunteers provide a wide range of services, freeing up nurses and doctors to do more hands-on work. This can include filing documents, reception area or gift shop clerking, janitorial duties, and sometimes even working directly with patients.

Meg’s idea of a Hot Girl volunteer service shows how community-minded the artist truly is. In the past, she’s even organized beach clean-ups, and opening an assisted living facility is a dream fans rarely hear artists share. Plans like these make it easy to see why so many music fans have been rooting for Megan even a few seasons after Hot Girl Summer technically already ended.

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