Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At Wolftyla For Saying She Wrote The ‘Simon Says’ Hook

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Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion is already in a songwriting credit controversy, just a few days after the release of her latest LP Fever. Megan was quick to squash the rumors with the help of Juicy J, who is credited on the track.

It all started when singer and social media personality Wolftyla tweeted that she had her first “placement” on Megan’s album, which she thought was “fire.”

Wolftyla then reposted Megan’s tracklisting on Instagram, adding that she “feel[s] blessed about this one. game changer. the future is female.”

In another post, Wolftyla said she’s “leaving little paw prints all over 2k19.”

Megan Thee Stallion caught a whiff of Wolftyla’s claim, and quickly squashed it. “I write all my own sh*t don’t let nobody gas you up like that,” the rapper wrote on her Instagram story. “That clout sh*t crazy,” she added.

Megan went on to clarify. “Like I said don’t nobody write my sh*t for me… so don’t try to insinuate you did… just be clear from the beginning. I didn’t even kno she had nothing to do with the song Juicy Jay say you ain’t write nothing,” Meg said. “Simon says shut tf up.”

Tyla took to Instagram live to play her reference track and explain her role in the songwriting process.

Meg responded on in her own Instagram live, calling Tyla a “random motherf*cker.”

Wolftyla tried to clear up her side of the story. “I never did take credit for writing [Megan Thee Stallion’s] verse,” she said. “I wrote the hook, the bridge, and named the song ‘Simon Says’ in January.”

Megan Thee Stallion and Juicy J seem to disagree with Tyla’s claims. “For the people who can’t read the OG JUICY J WROTE THE HOOK!”

Tyla had the last word when she posted a screenshot of a text conversation between herself and what seems to be Juicy J’s manager. The manager asks Tyla for her full government name so Juicy J could give credit to her for the song. The text exchange reads that Juicy sold the song to Meg to use in her album. Tyla ended her story with “But anyways happy Sunday. I still got nothing but love.”