Metallica Stay Heavy In The Video For Their New Song ‘Moth Into Flame’

Whether we’re ready for it (or even really asking for it) Metallica are set to release a new album Hardwired..To Self-Destruct in November, and have now dropped a second song from the album, “Moth Into Flame.” The band debuted the track, which you can here on their website, Monday morning on The Howard Stern Show, following that up with the premiere of the video for the song, directed by Tom Kirk of Muse.

As was the case with the “Hardwired,” the first song released off their new album, their first since 2008’s Death Magnetic, “Moth Into Flame” rocks pretty hard and shows that the band isn’t making an attempt at slowing things down or mellowing out. I mean, come on, does this look like a man looking to cruise gently into middle age:

Yeah, it doesn’t. Lars Ulrich is maniac who doesn’t cruise anywhere.

See? Here’s further proof:

It’s like he’s screaming at Father Time himself, “I’M NOT READY FOR MELLOW ACOUSTIC JAMS JUST YET YOU WHITE-HAIRED BASTARD!”

Well, maybe the occasional mellow acoustic jam.

Either way, two songs into Hardwired…To Self-Destruct and Metallica get credit for sticking with what they do best: hard, heavy, occasionally fast quasi-metal songs. Let’s save the debate for whether they should come out with a new album in the first place for another time and maybe, just maybe, toss cynicism aside for the time being and just appreciate some good ol’ fashion Metallica.

Right, Lars?

Yeah, no one wants to hear smack talk on a day like this.

Hardwired…To Self-Destruct comes out on Nov. 18 on Blackened Recordings.