Metallica’s First Album In Eight Years Will Be Arriving In 2016, So Check Out The New Cut ‘Hardwired’

If it seems like Metallica hasn’t knocked out an album in ages, that’s because Metallica hasn’t knocked out an album in ages. It’s been eight long years since Death Magnetic (Rick Rubin productiongate ahoy!), but 2016 will see that drought come to an end.

(Editiorial Note: We are well aware of Lulu and request that it stay imprisoned in music jail, please and thank you.)

The California metal legends/argument generators will be unveiling their new double-disc effort Hardwired…to Self-Destruct on November 18. Just as important: One of the cuts in titled “ManUNkind” and that’s an endearingly silly name everyone can enjoy. The new LP is 12 tracks deep and features Death Magnetic engineer Greg Fidelman handling production.

“The album’s not actually finished,” notes drummer Lars Ulrich on the progress of the new project. “It will be done in the next week or so.”

Fans that would like an early taste of what’s in store (or negative nellies that get excited to dump on things) can give the album’s leadoff track “Hardwired” a listen. We have the video for the tune nestled above to check out at your leisure. From a sound standpoint, “Hardwired” seems to gallop about with a number of different Metallica eras in its DNA. Praise or grumble accordingly in the comments.

(Via Rolling Stone)