Watch The Internet Ruin Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ By Adding The Drums From ‘St. Anger’

When you’ve had a history as a band that spans four decades like Metallica has, there’s going to be a lot to pick apart. What’s indisputable is that their influence in hard rock has shaped countless acts, and they’ve written some of the greatest metal songs of all time. More debatable, however, are the musical choices made on their then-long-awaited album, 2003’s St. Anger. Featuring no solos and perhaps the worst set of drums you could possibly imagine, the record was not as well received as the band had hoped it would be. Okay, people hated it. Even drummer Lars Ulrich mocked the horrible sound, calling it an “abortion.”

But we hear you say, “Hey, how bad could it really be?” And that is why a spectacular YouTuber made this. “Master of Puppets” is beloved by even the most laymen of rock fans who understand what a good metal song sounds like. So, just listen to this iconic track with St. Anger‘s drums. Then, you will know what true pain sounds like. If only someone could re-record the album and make it better

(Via Metal Sucks)