Metro Boomin’ Is Hosting A ‘Young Metro Don’t Trust Donald Trump’ Concert Right Before Election Day

“If Young Metro don’t trust you…”

You know the rest of the now patented catchphrase that lifted producer Metro Boomin’ from music stardom to web culture phenomenon beyond measure. A few months ago, Narduwar happened to ask Metro if he trusted Donald Trump, to which Metro responded like most people: “Who would?” The question is who knew any of the aforementioned could spawn Metro becoming politically active in his own way.

Looking to bundle his thoughts on the presidential candidate with the chance to raise voting awareness among his fans, Young Metro’s hosting a “Young Metro Don’t Trust Trump” concert at NYC’s Playstation Theater on November 4, only four days shy of Election Day. Although he’s never fashioned himself as a political artist, the talented producer does understand the power he wields over legions of fans who’ve jammed to his music over the years. “With the election coming, I think it’s time to speak out,” he told Complex, “and not like speak out by getting extra political with this shit, but let people know,”

He continued, “It’s about setting trends, and I’m always about setting trends and I know I can be an influence and I’m just now realizing that. Let n****s know it’s cool, you can still be cool, and you don’t have to be scared to speak up about political issues. The kids don’t really know that.”

Metro’s taking things a step further than just speaking out and partying. He’s formed a plan to take the proceeds from the show to establish a college scholarship fund. Each year, one high school senior from his hometown, St. Louis, will receive scholarship to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA., essentially allowing them to follow the same path that Metro traveled before ending up with a successful career in music.

Rather than profit off of a person and political ideology he despises, Metro will donate all proceeds from the show to establish a college scholarship fund. Every year, this fund will send one graduating high school senior from the greater St. Louis area to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia – the same path that Metro took from high school to college.

Tickets for the event go on sale Friday. Before that, a limited number of pre-sale for tickets to the show will go up for grabs on Thursday, September 22, available exclusively to fans who’ve signed up on Metro’s official mailing list. For more info, go here.