Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Eminem’s ‘Killshot’ With A Cheeky Instagram Post

It looks like Machine Gun Kelly isn’t taking Eminem’s “Killshot” diss track all that seriously, as less than three days after Em dropped the track, complete with accompanying cover art of MGK in the crosshairs of a gun scope, MGK had the artwork blown up and slapped on a T-shirt, which he wore to his Sunday night show at the sold-out House Of Blues in Chicago while kicking off Fall Out Boy’s Mania tour.

Posting the photo to Instagram for maximum outreach, MGK sure looked unfazed by the newfound attention, flipping the double birds at the camera as the audience leaned in to get into the shot. If there was any doubt to how he felt about the track overall, it would be cleared by the post’s caption, which not only smirked, “He missed,” but also boasted of his own “Rap Devil” diss track’s continued dominance of the Apple Music singles chart, including a screenshot for posterity.

Ever since Drake changed up the rap beef format during his feud with Meek Mill, it seems incorporating social media shade has become the ancillary theater of combat to the requisite diss records and battle raps that have long been the foundation of any rap back-and-forth. MGK, at 28, appears perfectly adept at utilizing the visual shorthand that’s become second nature to millennials like himself; now, it remains to be seen if his opponent, the 45 year old Eminem, can learn to fight on two fronts, now that anything said on wax can be flipped on Instagram.