MGMT’s Psychedelic Single ‘Hand It Over’ Is The Latest Taste Of Their First Album In Nearly Five Years

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The new MGMT album must be coming soon. Although a release date for Little Dark Age still has yet to be confirmed, the band shared the album’s third single in the form of “Hand It Over.” Similar to “When You Die,” and “Little Dark Age,” the track has something of a throwback sound, though “Hand It Over” takes a notably slower approach, channeling aspects of psychedelia that bands like Tame Impala have become known for, while still not straying too far from the signature MGMT sound.

Although it took almost a decade for Congratulations to get the critical and fan appreciation it probably deserved, the band themselves had no problem revisiting their roots when constructing “Hand It Over.” It’s a tantalizing preview of what’s to come with the remainder of Little Dark Age. Check it out for yourself below.

At the time of posting, details about Little Dark Age are still scant, but stay tuned for the incoming official announcement and release date. In the coming weeks, it will have been 10 years since the band broke through with its debut LP, Oracular Spectacular, and became alt radio sensations with massive and eventually ubiquitous singles “Kids,” “Time To Pretend,” And “Electric Feel.”