M.I.A. Is Performing Her First Shows In The U.S. Following Visa Troubles

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Last year M.I.A.’s completely excellent album AIM was largely overlooked when it came to critical attention in the mainstream, and that was partially due to a number of legal and internal issues with her label. However, today the news of her appearances at festivals indicate she may finally be touring behind the new record, or at least be appearing in the states to perform material from it; she’ll be performing sets at both the Meadows and Riot Fest.

M.I.A. is rather notorious for unabashedly tweeting her mind at this point, and before this news she had shared several updates on the frustrating situation via the platform, first stating that she couldn’t tour behind the album because she didn’t have an American visa, and noting that this would be her “last LP.”

Before tweeting that the album was handed in, M.I.A. had previously shared on Twitter that it was complete and that she wanted to leak it. This isn’t the first time she’s threatened to leak her own material, either — her relationship with Interscope has been an uneasy one all along. Yet it looks like things have been worked out smoothly enough to get the album released, and to get her back performing in the states. Stay tuned for more updates, a tour doesn’t seem as unlikely now as it once was.

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