Michael Cera Released An Album Last Night. Let’s Guess The Song Titles.

08.13.14 5 years ago 7 Comments

The hipster Beyoncé, Michael Cera, released a surprise album on Bandcamp last night that somehow doesn’t just consist of Sex Bob-omb outtakes and “Getaway.” True That is tagged as “alternative dirty hello home recording modest music New York,” so yeah, it’s pretty much what you think it is, with mostly instrumental tracks broken up by the occasional soft vocal. It’s like Guided by Voices, except not at all. I intentionally haven’t looked at the track listing, though, because I want to guess the song titles.

1. “Fun, Sexy Time for Us”
2. “No, Not That George Michael”
3. “Berenstain Bummers”
4. “Que Cera, Cera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”
5. “47-Minute Woodblock Solo”

Everyone quit after recording that last track, figuring it was their “Stairway to Heaven.”

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