Of Course Michael Phelps Was Listening To Future During His Infamous Death Stare

Michael Phelps is the golden man, but he gave the world a little bit of internet gold with his now infamous death stare at the Rio Games. He instantly became meme’d and everybody wondered what he was listening to to get so pumped to take down his biggest rival.

Now, we have our answer as Phelps proclaimed during the MTV Video Music Awards that he was bumping none other than Future, and his banger “Stick Talk” from last year’s DS2. As Phelps put it, “I was in the zone, with Future’s ‘Stick Talk’ blaring in my headphones.

Phelps’ musical playlist is often a topic of conversation. The avid rap fan has stated “If there’s one thing that’s been constant in my entire career it’s the motivation, and inspiration that I get from Hip-hop.” He has said previously listens to Eminem and Jeezy to get pumped up before races, but none of those endorsements were quite like the co-sign he gave Future at the VMAs. The legendary swimmer and most decorated olympian in history confirmed proclaimed “There’s no rapper today more inspiring than Future.”

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