Mick Jagger May Be Rockstar Cool, But His Dad Jokes Are Still Groaners

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Before we go one second further, let it be stipulated for the record that Mick Jagger is easily one of the coolest human beings to have ever drawn breath on our fair planet. That being said, for whatever reason, as a general rule the older you get, the lamer your jokes start to become. This is just fact.

Commonly referred to as a “Dad Joke,” men over the age of 40 are given to telling groan-inducing bon mots free of any trace of irony, sure to send your hand smacking into your face with a lighting quickness. Cool as he is, Mick Jagger is no different. Today, the pouty-lipped singer shared a whopper of a “Dad Joke” on Twitter, captioning a pic of himself standing next to an ox in some far-flung rural spot with “Meeting some locals…” and then the requisite overly-long hashtag “#hopeshesfriendly”

Still, to Jagger’s credit, it’s not nearly as bad as the retort from this fan, referencing the Stones song “You Gotta Move” off their Sticky Fingers album.

That sound you hear is millions of voices suddenly groaning all at once and then silenced. Of course, this naturally isn’t Jagger’s first foray into online “Dad-dom.” The singer’s enthusiastic replies to his own son’s Instagram shots when viral just last week.

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