Mick Jagger + Maroon 5 = Wait, WHAT?!

08.09.11 7 Comments

If someone would have told me this morning, “Brett, today you’re going to watch a Maroon 5 video in which a shirtless Adam Levine gyrates around while singing a song about how he’s got “moves like Jagger,” I would’ve been pretty sure I would have hated it. So the simple fact that I watched the entire video for “Moves Like Jagger” and didn’t hate it would be quite an accomplishment in itself, but the fact that I watched it and came away actually liking it is kind of amazing.

With the blessing of Mick Jagger himself, the video darts back and forth between vintage shots of Mick doing his thing, model types dancing around trying to impersonate him, and the aforementioned shirtless Adam Levine crooning into a microphone. And then, near the end, Christina Aguilera (Don’t forget to tune in to The Voice, kids!) pops up randomly to lend her considerable pipes to the bridge. At the very least, it’s all kind of fun to look at, I think.

(HT: Vulture)

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