Mick Jagger To Portray Rupert Murdoch In Film, Sadly

09.27.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

I’m not sure what Mick Jagger-related incidents I’m more disturbed by this morning: the fact that I woke up with Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” in my head, or the news that Mick Jagger is set to portray a character based on News Corp overlord Rupert Murdoch in a new film called, Tabloid. In the long run, I’ll probably be more disturbed by the news that Jagger is portraying Murdoch in a film. After all, there are plenty of other awful songs out there to infiltrate my brain when my guard is down to haunt me in my sleep.

But seriously, why should a shady, evil comic book villain like Murdoch get a cool guy like Jagger, one of the biggest rock stars ever, to play him? That’s just unfair. But sadly it’s going to happen, apparently.

Reports the Guardian:

Mick Jagger is set for his first acting role since 2001’s little-seen The Man from Elysian Fields, playing a Murdoch-esque international media mogul in a new film called Tabloid, according to Deadline.

Jagger will serve as producer on the new project, which apparently is derived from his original idea. It is being made through his company Jagged Films, and A History of Violence writer Josh Olson has been hired to script it.

If there was any justice in the world, dude would be portrayed by some old as$hole like Wilfred Brimley (DIABEETUS!) or Gerard Depardieu and not a rock God who’s still sexing teenage models when he’s in his 60s. Real talk.

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