Watch Miguel Channel Hulk Hogan And Leg Drop Two Unsuspecting Fans At The Billboard Awards

The Billboard Music Awards were a thing of beauty this evening. We had Nicki Minaj lap dances, Prince and Miguel going absolutely ape sh*t during his performance. The “Adorn” singer came out to the stage like a ball of fire and was obviously “turnt up” as the kids say. But adrenaline is a tricky temptress as it made Miguel so hype that he jumped across the stage but not nearly enough to clear the landing without smashing these poor fans’ heads.

We haven’t been able to confirm whether or not Miguel’s going to start singing “I Am A Real American” at his shows from now on. But he should. But here’s what you want to see. In Vine form.


And in GIF form.

But have no fear, the young lady is okay.

…Or maybe not. Maybe her name is actually “Katie” but concussions are a beast.