Miguel Plays The Seductor In His Surprise, Sultry New Song ‘Shockandawe’

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It seems that lately, Miguel has been taking cues from artists like Frank Ocean, abandoning the traditional album format and dropping loosies, singles, collaborations and covers all over the place with little in the way of promotion and even less warning. Today, the R&B singer has done it again, sharing a brand new track titled “Shockandawe.”

The song has a distinct sultry vibe, fueled by a number of different guitar parts intertwined together. In it, Miguel plays the seductor, someone with power who isn’t afraid to use and exploit it. “Bang bang, give it up right now / Strip for me, baby, strip for me / I dropped the bomb / Did I take your bomb / Just shock and awe / Better brace yourself, like / Bang bang, baby, break yourself.”

This is Miguel’s second new musical offering in as many weeks. Last week, the crooning Angeleno dropped a video for a track titled “Sky Walker” featuring none other than Travis Scott. Before that, he dropped a cover of SZA’s simmering “The Weekend” at an LA art gallery. And then there was his self-proclaimed “sh*tty” emo cover of Pussy Riot’s “Make America Great Again.” While the steady stream of music hasn’t been conventional in any sense, the addition of more Miguel tracks into the world is certainly cause for celebration.

Check out his latest cut “Shockandawe” above.

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