Miguel’s Late Night Performance Of ‘Come Through And Chill’ Is Baby-Making Music At Its Finest

Over the past seven years, Miguel has solidified his role as one of the finest creators of simmering baby-making music around. Last night, he appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and proved that, not only has his ability to bring simmering sexuality to his music remained wholly intact, it might have even got better.

Beginning with the song “Skywalker” on the actual broadcast — which features Travis Scott in the studio version, but who was absent during this performance — Miguel brought some major vibes, while seated onstage, plucking away at a bass, and crooning like his heart depended on it. The next cut, “Come Through And Chill,” that was shared by the show as a bonus performance, might’ve been even better. In it, Miguel pleads with you to show up to his place in a pair of sweats, and let nature take its course.

In the intro, Colbert let it slip that both songs are set to appear on Miguel’s next album, which is apparently titled War And Leisure. Given all of the loose tracks the L.A.- based singer has been dropping lately, you had to figure this was coming, and can probably expect an official announcement to come down the pike soon.

You can watch “Come Through And Chill” above and “Skywalker” below.