Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn’s Suggesting That He Might Be The Live-Action ‘He-Man’

Mike O’Hearn, a.k.a. “Titan” from American Gladiators, has received the Fitness Model of the Year award seven times, and he’s always showing off his lifting prowess on social media. All of those judo titles and discarded barbells don’t mean a thing, however, to the man who wants to play He-Man in a live-action movie. Hearn’s thirst for the power of Grayskull and the realm of Eternia is so great that he’s started dropping serious hints via his Instagram account. O’Hearn has tagged several photos with a series of hashtags, which is his usual routine. However, there’s a new hashtag in the mix, which appears ever so curious.

Witness the special #HemanTheMovie tag in this photo’s caption.

O’Hearn did not simply hashtag himself as #HeMan, which could have happened for a variety of reasons (primarily to label himself as a real-life Prince Adam). Nope, he put a “movie” on the end of that tag for a reason. As the comic book character continues to rage on in print, news of a live-action He-Man movie persists. And who knows? Perhaps O’Hearn is truly under consideration for the role. He also auditioned for Conan the Barbarian and the Captain America films, so the man has Hollywood designs.

The live-action He-Man film is in the works as we speak. Sony hired the Thor: Ragnarok screenwriter, so it appears they are serious about this film’s muscle. Now, has Sony truly bitten off some of that O’Hearn bicep power? Who knows, but Lucha Underground “starred” in a fan-made film, and he could be a more solid choice.

In the meantime, here’s more brotastic O’Hearn from his Instagram page.