Miley Cyrus’ ‘Adore You’ Without Music Is Somehow Even More NSFW

When Miley Cyrus‘ original video for “Adore You” first dropped after Christmas Day of 2013, we noticed even back then how softcore porny it was. And no, that wasn’t just our way of dealing with post Xmas Seasonal Affective Disorder. But now that someone has created a version without music, we were absolutely proven right. See, it’s not just in our dirty heads, MOM.

Although it may seem tame now that we’ve all see Miley naked (for art, of course), somehow watching someone writhe around in bed with no music makes it even more filthy. It’s the same phenomenon with violence in movies. If there’s an action sequence with a well-scored soundtrack and guys dying left and right, you hardly notice how grizzly it is. But without that music, it’s damn-near unsettling. It just goes to show you how powerful music can be.

Now, onto the video. Though, you may want to turn the volume down to a low level at work… or at home… just anywhere, really.

(via Death + Taxes)