Miley Cyrus Has Been Banned From Performing In The Dominican Republic On Moral Grounds

Seeing how we’re on the eve of another MTV Video Music Awards, we should take a moment to take a look back at last year’s headline grabbing artist Miley Cyrus. Last she was busy grinding on Canadian Beetlejuice, but this year she’s taking a step back and hoping to collect some awards.

But the real reason I bring her up is due to another place she won’t be performing anytime soon, namely the Dominican Republic. From BBC News:

Authorities say they have stopped the gig because she “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law”.

Tickets ranging in price from $27 (£16) to $370 (£223) have been on sale since July.

The Dominican Republic government commission that oversees public performances has previously banned songs from being played on the radio which it thinks are vulgar.

Who would think that the Bangerz Tour and it’s non-stop twerking would be morally reprehensible? I say she should fight this. Go and play your concert in spite of their silly laws. If they arrest you, you’ll die a martyr. A hero for the cause. I’m sure someone would want to canonize you at that point.

Go for it, Miley! Take Justin Bieber with you. Meanwhile the Dominican Republic (and most of the world) will look like this:

(Via BBC News)