Miley Cyrus’ Home Was Robbed And She’s Acting Like A Hot Mess On Instagram

Miley Cyrus’ home was burglarized last week, according to CNN. On Sunday, police said that the suspects, a man and a woman, made off with an unknown amount of jewelry and her brand new 2014 white, four-door Maserati Quattroporte, while Cyrus is off touring in Europe. Jesus. When I go on vacation for a week, I have someone come stay at my house to watch the pets and — you know, make sure this exact thing does not happen. (Except that my Maserati is a 2013 model, of course.) Can’t Miley Cyrus afford a house sitter?

Meanwhile Miley Cyrus, who was playing a concert in Finland on Sunday, does not seem to give much of a sh*t about her home being broken into and very expensive car stolen, because last night she posted a bunch of videos and photos to Instagram from what appears to be a private jet in what is clearly not a state of sobriety.


On one hand you can argue, she’s young, rich, and allowed to have fun– but on the other hand, it looks like Justin Bieber’s pilots aren’t the only ones who have to wear oxygen masks in flight.

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