Miley Cyrus Is Reportedly Dating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son

Since breaking up with Liam Hemsworth in September 2013, sex alien Miley Cyrus has been focusing her attention less on men and more on pissing off Mexico and pissing off Led Zeppelin fans and just generally pissing off a lot of people. But according to reports, she’s “casually dating” someone new: Grown Ups 2 star Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Also, he’s Arnold’s son.

Multiple sources tell E! News that the famous pair have been casually dating. Another insider, however, adds that the duo “are not officially together,” and mentions that these two “are good friends.”

On Halloween morning, Miley was seen spending time with Patrick as the two head to Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles apartment to prepare for the festivities that evening. (Via)

Calling it his “Los Angeles apartment” makes it sound like Schwarzenegger is just some regular sad sack dad who’s separated from his wife. He’s going to try a little too hard to impress Patrick and Miley, maybe they can all go bowling and afterward, grab something to eat? Anyway, Miley doesn’t expect her maybe-relationship with Patrick to be anything serious — the only reason she’s sticking around is because she wants to hear Arnold say “cookie.”

After that, she’s gone.

Via E! Online