Miley Cyrus Just Wanted You To Know She Dyed Her Armpit Hair Pink

Since smoking a bong, wearing pasties, and Instagramming the sh*t out of the then-new (but now-old) look wasn’t enough for Miley Cyrus, she up and decided to let her pits grow out and dye the few hairs that resulted. Yes, Cyrus dyed her armpits pink and kept her Instagram followers updated along the way.

She and celebrity salon colorist Justin Anderson decided to document the procedure for the benefit of future generations.

Of course alcohol was involved. The pig mask? Eh, I’m not too sure about the pig mask.

The finished product is exactly what you’d think — some barely-there streaks of pink armpit hair nestled deeply in the nether regions of Miley’s underarms. There’s a preview image below, but if you’d like to see the slightly NSFW and pube-friendly full picture, click here.

To quote the great social media philosopher, Kris Humphries, #Gottadoyou.

(Via Instagram)