Miley Cyrus Covered Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ And The Result Was Actually Pretty Good?

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02.22.14 23 Comments

When she’s not simulating sex with a Bill Clinton lookalike or grossing everyone out on her Bangerz tour, it turns out Miley Cyrus can be fairly musically talented. Take this cover of the Outkast classic ‘Hey Ya.’

Miley manages to take a song that’s been played to the point of exhaustion across all media and transform it into a sort of calming work. Then of course you realize that she’s wearing a shirt with her own likeness on it and any good feelings you have start to melt away.

But for those ten to twenty seconds before you crash back down to Earth, you might actually think Miley Cyrus is a legitimate musical talent. Jonathan Davis is probably pissed.

(Via Gawker / Court K )

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